The Next Epoch Seed Library contributed to the group show, Apocalypse Diet: What Will We Eat, curated by Stella Mars, at Burlington City Arts in Burlington, Vermont. The show ran from February through June 2020.
Apocalypse Diet included work by seven women artists, Jane Adams, Suzanne Anker, Andrea Haenggi, Ellie Irons, Anne Percoco, Li Sumpter and Candace Thompson, who challenge us to rethink our relationship to food production within the context of climate change. Incorporating video, performance, sculpture, community events, and print media, their work critiques our relationships to flora and fauna as we experience a rapidly evolving ecosystem. Gestures of intervention and collaboration enact themes of resilience and survival. These artists’ imaginative proposals position art as an instrument for social change.Artists address imminent ecological crisis by responding with personal engagement, embodied responsibility, and a call to action.

NESL created an installation consisting of: a hand-built mobile library structure to house our seed collection and make it accessible to gallery visitors; a plant propagation area featuring seedlings sprouted from locally-sourced seeds; an enlarged seed microscopy print of Asiatic dayflower; a collection of relevant books and reference materials; dried plant speciments, site photos, and other ephemera; videos documenting seed collection and processing; decorative plastic bag bunting; and a painted logo sign.