In 2017, The Next Epoch Seed Library facilitated a Deep Time Seed Burial at 1067 Pacific Street in current-day Crown Heights, Brooklyn. At that time, after serving as an auto body repair yard for decades, 1067 Pacific Street was the headquarters of the artist collective the Environmental Performance Agency. The land was in its fourth year of transition into an urban weeds garden through the stewardship of dancer and choreographer andrea haenggi. Since the burial, the lot has passed into new hands and is being used as an event space. The flourishing urban weeds garden, and the vessel of seeds NESL contributed, are interred beneath a fresh layer of asphalt. Shot at the 1067 Pacific Street urban weeds garden before its destruction, the video above envisions the burial and its subsequent unearthing in some as-yet-unknown future. The information below documents the actual burial and the vegetal beings who were included in it (in the form of seeds collected in and around 1067 Pacific Street).

Packing vessels with long-lived weedy seeds harvested around 1067 Pacific Street, photo by Dan Phiffer
Sensing for pyramid power on the packed seed vessels, photo by Dan Phiffer
Collecting seeds in the urban weeds garden, photo by Dan Phiffer
Burying the vessel in the mugwort forest, photo by Dan Phiffer.
Almost-completed burial, photo by Dan Phiffer.