Library installation for Living Together: Nurturing Nature in the Built Environment

William Paterson University, Wayne, NJ
Curated by Kristen Evangelista
A group show with artists: Tattfoo Tan, Dana Fritz, Ellie Irons, and Anne Percoco
Dates: March 21 – May 13, 2016

Our installation in the central atrium included:

  • a custom-built central library structure on casters,  with drawers for seed storage and shelves for display
  • a video showing our process of gathering and packaging the seeds,
  • a seating and reading area,
  • a bulletin board for community contributions,
  • a plant propagation table, seed sorting station,
  • large scale photographs of seed microscopy (produced in the RISD Nature Lab),
  • plastic bag bunting,
  • site photos and other ephemera.
NESL Seed Tray